The kingdom which takes center stage in our drama.


Beryhill is ruled by King Tarlocke. He has two children. The older is his daughter Hestia. His heir is his son, Wallen. Wallen has just taken a wife, Shrenna, a distant cousin to king Davver of Linne. Tarlocke has a nephew, Batten, who serves in Beryhill’s army and is second in line to the throne. After that, the succession gets murkier, and the whole kingdom hopes for news soon of succession.

Tarlocke tries to publicly remain neutral, for now. It’s an open secret that he hopes for some way to delay, at least, the Final Empire’s conquest of his Kingdom. If it came to annihilation or capitulation, few are sure where their liege stands.


Beryhill has fields which have retained their fertility in this new world. Farming is more labor-intensive than it once was, but even before the Ascension Beryhill was a land of farmers, and they’ve adapted better and faster than most other kingdoms in this cluster. Additionally, they have some clay pits along the banks of their river. They are a moderately prosperous trade nation by virtue of having something everyone else wants, and as such are strong proponents of the rail system.


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