Grotterheim is ruled by Consort Pratt, husband of Queen Mab. They have a matrilinear society, meaning the right to reign is passed down the mother’s line, so their next ruler will be the husband of Mab’s oldest daugther, Rigan. She is currently entertaining suit by two different men.

National Identity

Their country is one of the leading proponent of railways in the cluster. They are traders extraordinaire, and have many factories, mills, forges, and other means of turning raw goods into finished products. Their population is, as a whole, richer than in most other kingdoms around, and they are seen as a center of culture, one of the few places left with the luxury to put on plays and support poets. They are a cosmopolitan and well-traveled population. They are more likely to hire mercenaries than raise a standing army, and publicly support the idea of negotiating with the Final Empire, trying to come to an agreement.


Few. Their land is mostly barren and bereft of resources. The river running through their land does not provide much in the way of fish, but it does power countless waterwheels, providing industry for the kingdom. More so than any other current kingdom, they thrive on trade. They take in raw materials from many other kingdoms, and export finished goods everywhere. They are known to negotiate excellent deals to build and maintain rail service for other kingdoms, and at some rail hubs you’ll find an entire small village populated by Grotters, ready to lay a new route or fix a damaged one.


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