King Izik has three children; his son and heir is Edaan, who has a twin sister and a younger brother. Edaan’s mother died a few years back, and Izik has recently remarried a woman barely older than his son.

National Identity

They are a somewhat distant nation. Izik has made it clear he opposes the spread of the Final Empire; there are those who believe Edaan sees it as an inevitability and wants only for the transition to go as smoothly for his people as possible. They are a somewhat independent nation, and don’t seem very interested in political alliances.


They export cheese, meat, and wool from their vast herds of goats. In the mountains of Madiseet, goatherds watch their flock climb vertical cliffs, eating weeds that grow on tiny ledges too small to accumulate ash. Forts have been places at key bottlenecks, giving them an incredible defensive advantage against large armies, even koloss.


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