A year before present day, this kingdom fell to the Final Empire, resulting in the gap portrayed on the map. They had many lucrative mines and quarries on their lands. Their armies were well equipped but not especially well trained. The royal family opposed the Final Empire, but no louder than any other kingdom.

The Final Empire’s human armies attacked one day without specific provocation. The armies moved in, slowly, gaining ground mile by mile, until they had driven the Neuse into their capital city. Then they simply dug in outside of firing range and waited.

Three days later, the koloss came.

Their army was slaughtered to a man, their governing body decimated, and the nation collapsed overnight. Vegheldorn raided their southern lands soon after, collecting resources to bring behind their own border and keep out of Imperial hands. Refugees tried to follow, but were turned away. Most ended up in Kurstadt, flooding that country with the burden of a broken kingdom.


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