Delrazad is first among equals at the Conclave of the Terris people. Their ruler is non-hereditary, and in the event of his removal from power a new speaker would be chosen from within the ranks of the Conclave. When there are empty Conclave seats, the current sitting members appoint new ones. This requires ratification from a council formed of the chiefs of local tribes, but it’s widely known that the process is a formality, and in memory no appointee has ever failed ratification.

National Identity

Terris went through more turmoil than most at the shattering of the world, as their ruling council and most of their leaders all vanished without a trace or warning in the blink of an eye. The fledgling government that replaced it struggled for decades, but the long traditions of the Terris culture came to their aid and they’ve been slowly rebuilding, though they are still a pale shadow of their former glory. Their borders are nibbled back, almost daily losing ground to the encroaching Empire.

They are a proud people, a religious and spiritual people. As such, they wear their injuries almost as a badge of pride. They are stoic and somewhat xenophobic. As a general rule, the Terris people oppose the Final Empire, but more defensively. They seem to believe they can bunker down and simply outlast the problems that face them. Still, individual towns, especially ones far from Tathingdwen and most especially the ones on the border with the Empire, have a more militant and cosmopolitan view, and allies can be found to lend their might and knowledge to the cause of resistance.


The Terris mountains are large, and a variety of resources are available. They are herders, and there are profitable mines within their demesne. Their most unique resources, however, are the knowledge contained within their peerless library, and their feruchemists.

Feruchemy is a poorly understood art in most places. The Terris keep to themselves, but besides that take no great pains to hide their powers. Still, in a world where survival is foremost on every mind, few people have the luxury of scholarship or intellectual debate. As a result, the average citizen in other countries has never heard of it, and if faced with it would consider it to be witchery. Slightly better educated people, like any town leader who is more than just the thug with the biggest club, has probably heard something about it, but wouldn’t understand the difference between it and allomancy, and likely believes rumors and old wives’ tales. Leaders of countries, or anyone of means curious on the subject, probably understands the basics, although many of them will believe things that are not true. The best informed leaders and any serious scholar probably knows everything but the most secret details of feruchemy. And, needless to say, agents of the Final Empire are trained in how to spot those using this ancient art.


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