Eittien, Commander of Vegheldorn, took over the kingdom after his brother died in battle against Koloss. He has appointed a small privy council to run the day-to-day affairs of the nation, concentrating himself on foreign policy. He has no wife but has taken a small harem. He has publicly made it clear that whichever bears him a son first will be retroactively declared his queen, to make the son legitimate.

National Identity

A hard land. They have decent farms, but the largest military of the cluster, and that taxes their resources immensely. They are the loudest and most vocal about stopping the Final Empire, no matter the cost. The day Eittien got word that Neusemiid had fallen to the Empire, he sent scavenging parties to raid villages and recover whatever resources could be had before they fed the Lord Ruler’s troops. Rumors, officially discredited, say they killed every man, woman and child in the villages they could get to before the armies of the Final Empire, sparing them a life of slavery.


They don’t export much. They have decent farms which mainly go to feed their armies, decent mines which mainly go to supply their armies, and a few jewel mines they export as luxury goods. They have the largest standing army.


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