Akenz is ruler of this theocracy. As is traditional for the ruler of this land, he has three wives. One is the high priestess of the religion. One is his consort, a bureaucrat in his government. The last is tasked with bearing an heir. Akenz is reasonably young, and only took over the country five years ago. He has two children already, and two of his wives are currently pregnant.

National Identity

They are strongly resistant to the Final Empire. Their foreign policy is young and fiery, full of passion but lacking a plan. They take their religion very seriously and will not accept obedience to the Lord Ruler as God and King.


They are on the coast, and plied the seas as a trading nation for almost the first full century after the Ascension. When the Final Empire cut off all viable land routes to free nations, it was the last link this cluster of kingdoms had to the few other resisting kingdoms; now with the growing navy of the Final Empire, they’ve lost this distinction, and the ability to import rare goods. It’s said they’ve still got a stockpile of exotic and now impossible to get treasures. The seas still provide fish, a better source of food than many other methods in this world choked with ash. If there is a way to reach out to other cultures again, it will be through Zennen.


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