King Altec. His heir is grown, and married, with a young son of his own.

National Identity

They are an elite, some might say snobbish country. As a general rule, the Final Empire is opposed, but it seems almost like they’re disturbed that the Lord Ruler is beneath them, more than any sort of fear. However, they’ve a history of solving issues via diplomacy, rather than warfare, so there’s a general sense that they might consider a conditional capitulation to the Empire.


They are one of the last cultural centers of the world. They have art, plays, philosophy, as well as more esoteric scholarship in less-than-purely-practical maths and sciences. One of their main exports is poetry; in a world with not much hope, many towns across all kingdoms free of the Empire pay a small fee monthly to get regular shipments of newly written poetry, and one literate person per town will read it aloud at town gatherings. A lot of places consider it a luxury, but a lot more think the price is worth giving the people at least one nice thing.


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